Welcome to my new Blog 1

Yay! I am so so so excited that my site is now live. Finally! I have been working on this and on myself for so long to finally bring it to life. This past year I had a breakthrough with blogging. I grew not only my platform but  myself.

The people I met this year have changed my life. They taught me that I am capable of great things. We all are. If we set our minds to it. I learned that hard work gets you places. And if you’re clear about your goals and take few steps in that direction daily, eventually you will succeed. I’m still new at this thing but I want to learn more, share more, grow more. And I want to take you on this journey with me. Check out the About page to know more about me and what you can expect to see here on the blog. 

I believe that this platform along with Instagram can be used for so much good and all I want to do is inspire more people to live their best life. Too many people being pressured to have their life together instead of just living it and figuring out what they want for themselves. Just Be You.

Poke around, click around. I hope you enjoy it and visit for more!

xoxo, Vika