Today on the blog I wanted to share my top 5 must have editing apps that I sometimes use whenever editing on the phone. I will share my steps with examples of how each app brings out different mood to the same photo! I will use one photo and try to keep the editing similar to what my style is but edit it in different apps.

It can be so hard to find your perfect editing style, right colors that fit your personality and theme to stick to! Keeping up with it is even harder( I still struggle with it time to time ). But these apps will surely help you with the easier and faster way to find what you like and do not like while editing.



This is the edited version that I posted to my Instagram page. I usually edit my photos in Lightroom on my computer. I used to try out different Lightroom presets from bloggers but eventually came up with my own that I use on my photos. Lightroom is pretty great as for changing the colors to more of what you like.



Honestly my favorite phone editing app ever. Whenever I need a quick edit on my phone this is the app. It has just the best selection of free filters that are really more then enough to get you going on creating your own style. But also if you want a better selection of what this app has to offer, there are even more filters available with a subscription. Plus of the subscription is that you can also edit videos! If I’m not mistaken it is $19.99 a year.

This photo I edited using A4 filter which is my favorite I always use it for photos + additional edits such as a little bit of exposure and contrast. Little grain never hurt. And there you go!



Tezza is a queen of editing so of course she has her own app. In the app there is 3 free filters which are really similar to her own presets for Lightroom and her page style. But there are 12 more other filters that you can use with a subscription ( $1.99 monthly). I honestly think that the 3 filters she has for free in the app are enough to make a cool edit.

For this photo I used one of her free filters MOOD + some exposure and contrast corrections. Looks pretty good to me 🙂



There are some filters you can use in this app but I never find anything worthy. Nevertheless it is such a great app to play with the settings of the photo. Great for color correcting your photo and if you’re not big on using filters this app is for you. It also features some cool options like expand photo feature to make your photos bigger and fit whatever frame you need it to. Healing feature is great for removing all unwanted objects or people from photo.

  • UNUM – one app I couldn’t live without. jk. But seriously. It is not an editing app but it is the best way to plan and preview your feed before ever posting to Instagram. I use it to plan ahead my feed and play around with the photos so my feed looks good.

Okay thats it for todays blog post, I really really hope you found this useful and maybe opened up a few apps or few tricks for yourself that are new to you and will come in handy next time you edit photos! Let me know if you try any of these apps out and also how they worked for you!

xoxo, Vika