Do you ever wonder how to teach your boyfriend/husband to take Instagram worthy pictures of you? This post is long due and I thought I’d share my tips on how to make your boyfriend an “INSTA HUSBAND” or 5 STEPS TO ‘INSTAHUSBAND’.

With a 2 year relationship we went from taking pictures for 30 minutes with hundreds of photos and none good enough to post to a quick 5 minute shoot with a few pictures worthy! Whenever we travel together or just out for a walk why not have some pictures taken.

Alex loves helping me out when I need content. He is also amazing at taking my photos now through lots of practice and knowing my angles and what I like. So without further ado..5 tips on how to make your boyfriend an ‘Insta Husband’


Always find the location you want to shoot at and pick out the outfit beforehand. First of all we know what a struggle it is to pick out an outfit we feel good in and which makes for a good Instagram content. I suggest preparing a couple of options beforehand just in case you wake up and don’t feel one or the other. When you feel good about yourself – everything goes right. 

Location scouting is not an easy process either. Its better to have a location in mind rather then walk around and drag him with you and annoying him for couple of hours finding nothing. Of course that will make a good walk around but you’ll both be tired. It’s always better to start your off with taking photos and then have a nice little day for just you two to enjoy. 


Make the most of your day out together. This seems like an easy one but I still want to talk about it! Waking up in a good mood is so important to make the day go off right. Have a little home cooked breakfast or go out for coffee and a toast ( or whatever you prefer ). No arguments allowed lol 

Make shooting easy and shoot with an iPhone. He is not a professional and theres no reason to get frustrated if the camera wouldn’t focus or the lighting would be off. I love shooting on my iPhone XS. The quality is great and it turns out natural.


It’s all about the test shot! Only you know what you want the photo to look like – the position and the background! So even if you look great on the photo something might be wrong. So if I see a location I like I will get Alex to stand there and take a photo of him to show him how I want the shot to look like. I will also check the lightning and overall how this location looks like. If I don’t like it we just move on to the next spot. 

I have a phone full of his pictures where if he’s in the mood he’ll pose, if not there are a bunch where he’s just making faces hehe but this one is my favorite! I was showing him the position I want this shot to be shot! And I thing the picture turned out just great, didn’t it? 



Show him some inspo! Before I plan the shoot I always go and look at some inspo! Wether it’s the location, the angle/pose I want to try out or an outfit idea I love to look at some pictures to set myself in the right direction. So I show him some saved pictures that I love and I think it  helps a lot and I feel that he really understands my vision then! 


Be patient and have fun! Because the more he takes pictures of you the more he will know what you like. Practice makes all the difference. When you frame the photo for him, show him the angle and plan everything properly just relax and get your game on and you’ll get the shots quite quickly. So have fun and enjoy your day together!


xoxo, Vika