3 ways to stay confident

Hello people! Today on the blog I thought I’d share my tips and tricks – 3 ways to stay confident in front of the camera while shooting in public.

When I first moved to New York City I knew I wanted to be sharing ‘street style’ photos! How can you not shoot on the streets of New York, right? Being a megapolis with millions of people walking around, shooting in the street can be extremely nerve racking at first – and so naturally I’d have to build up confidence with shooting in public! So for everyone who’s starting out or just feeling little self-conscious taking pictures outside I thought I’d share my journey and some tips on how to stay confident no matter the location


I remember my first ever photoshoot in NYC like it was yesterday. I felt so extremely nervous about being photographed in the street and especially being photographed by someone I didn’t know. Luckily my first ever photographer here in NYC was such a sweetheart and made me feel super comfortable to shoot with. I feel like my transition to gaining more confidence was easier just because I had such a fun time shooting with her!

So first tip would be – start with working with a photographer or someone you feel comfortable with. Maybe you have a friend who’s a photographer. Or it can be your boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother/parent taking your pics. Finding someone you click with will help you ease up a little and get those shots you wanted. The more comfortable you feel the better photos will turn out!


Mentally prepare yourself. Think about the worst thing that could happen. People staring at you, maybe pointing, creepy guys lurking? In reality people living in big cities starting to get used to bloggers always shooting on the streets. Some will politely stand a wait for you to finish your shot ( if you’re shooting in the middle of the street ) so they don’t mess up your picture and wind up in it. So most of the people are more considerate. I can’t say people watching or occasional comment never happens but..you deal with it. Most of the time people are just curious of what’s happening. If you awkwardly catch someone eyeing you, just laugh it off, most likely you will get a smile in return. Enjoy it and have fun with creating new and exciting content. If you’re doing what makes you happy, no one should stop you! Have fun and be yourself.


Do your research before the shoot. Nobody is expecting you to be comfortable shooting in the middle of Times Square with tourists thinking you’re some kind of celebrity lol. And to be honest – who wants pictures with crowds as your backdrop? Know your locations! Find areas that are less popular, quiet streets, cute little coffee shops or bakeries. Maybe you’ve been there before, or walked past the cute quite street – save it for later! You never know when you’ll need it!

My greatest tip would be – shoot early in the morning to avoid crowds! Especially if you want any of the popular locations, like Brooklyn Bridge for example. You’ll be more confident because there won’t be as many people staring at you when you’re trying to get your photos. And you’ll get a better shot with less people in the background. It’s a win win.

Take baby steps! After a while shoots will get easier. Every shoot you do push yourself a little more out of your comfort zone and a little closer to your goal! I have met some cool people doing this! Hope you do too!

xoxo, Vika